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SIBS Polymer Brakes

What are SIBS® Polymer brakes?

Branded under the name ‘Terra Dura’, the new SIBS® Polymer brake represents a substantial step forward in sealed braking technology. While still delivering our trademark quality and durability, the Terra Dura brake’s features and more attractive price point broadens the range of vehicles and conditions for which they are suited.

Key components include:

  • Revolutionary light weight casings made of glass reinforced polymer, making them 40% lighter than SIBS®4 brakes
  • High performance monobloc radial mount callipers
  • Completely enclosed, dry disc brakes that can withstand heavy duty braking temperatures
  • Simplified design has reduced prices, making them affordable to both industrial and retail markets
  • Compact design allowing the brakes to fit inside standard wheel rims

Terra Dura Polymer vs SIBS®4 Brakes

While both sets of brakes are suitable for multiple environments, different features and price points provide options to choose the best solution for your fleet vehicles: 



ComponentsWheel End OnlyWheel End, Pump and Control box
Wheel End Weight31kg58 kg
Brake Pad WearEstimated up to 50,000 kmUp to 100,000 km
Payback (Reduced Maintenance)3-6 months12-18 months
Hand Brake ProtectionYesYes
Failsafe SAHR BrakeNoYes
Rotor, Caliper and Brake Pad ProtectionYesYes
ApplicationsSurface and underground mines, all off road environments where water and material ingress damages the braking mechanismUnderground mines, surface mines with steep gradients
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