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We offer the following 2 viable options to OEM, to ensure you minimize your equipment downtime at a price level that meets your specific requirements:

  1. OECM parts(exactly the same as the OEM) at competitive prices
  2. Alternate Aftermarket parts at lower prices


Our OECM (Original Equipment Component Manufacturer) parts are identical to the OEM parts you regularly buy, except they come directly from the component manufacturer and not from your original equipment manufacturer.

Our dedicated identification department and sourcing experts identify the original manufacturer and source directly from them. With over 35 years of industry intelligence, we have an exhaustive database of information that makes us very efficient in our sourcing efforts, the benefits of which are passed on to our customers. The larger your fleet, the greater are your potential savings on equipment maintenance.

The packaging and the part number may be different, but the parts are identical to the OEM parts. Because we buy our components from the original parts supplier, we can guarantee that you will get the exact same performance and productivity as if you installed OEM parts.


Aftermarket parts (also referred to as generic or Non-OEM) are competitive replacement parts that are made by a company other than the original component manufacturer.

Aftermarket parts are good alternatives to OECM parts at significantly lower prices.


Our business relationship with Mobile Parts continues to grow. The more business we do with them, the more we realize the  magnitude of parts available, that these parts are in stock and they have very respectable delivery times. Mobile Parts was  recently awarded a parts contract which has allowed us to realize considerable savings, but more impressive is the availability of  those parts and the absence of back-orders. Our orders are delivered quickly and are complete.

As well, the Mobile Parts team has been proactive and has dedicated time and efforts to provide us with pricing on other products available through them. After reviewing this pricing, we concluded that they are very competitive. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the parts they offer and the market which they serve. Their responses are quick and clear and follow-up is complete.

Benoit Bordeleau, Procurement Coodinator, Hecla Quebec Mine Site

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